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Leading brands trust their digital strategies to Tick Tock Boom

Next-Generation Digital Agency

We are a next-generation creative digital agency.
We turn opportunities of the digital world into projects for our clients’ maximum benefit.
Since day one, we have been introducing new products and services into the digital communications and digital marketing fields of Turkey.
We have been leaving our mark in our industry from idea to application for 15 years with our creative digital agency solutions. We provide brands with strategic social media account management, digital and social media marketing services.
With Social Media Monitoring Analysis and Insight Platform BoomSonar Suite and Social Media Analytics tool BoomSocial, the leading and most advanced platforms in their fields, we listen to and manage your brand 24/7 in the digital world, gain insights, and turn data into strategy with our expertise.

We continue to lead the industry in the areas of Digital PR and Online Reputation Management services, which we offered for the first time in Turkey.

We grow with our clients, many of them in the top 100 on the Fortune 500 List, while determining the digital strategies of dozens of brands.

01 Servıces
Creative Digital Agency Solutions

As your creative digital agency, we transform the data we have into meaningful information, and the information into award-winning creative ideas for our brands, so that you can address your audience with effective strategies.

02 Servıces
Social Media Account Management

We set the social media account strategies of leading brands from different industries, strengthen their digital assets, and manage these assets in a way that makes them more effective and visible.

03 Servıces
Online Reputation Management

As Turkey's first and leading online reputation management agency, we offer a wide range of services including social media monitoring, SEO, online customer relationship management (CRM) and IT law.

04 Servıces
Digital PR

We produce projects that bring brands together with target audiences and opinion leaders in the best way, report the results with comprehensive analyses and offer Turkey's first and most comprehensive Digital PR service.

05 Servıces
Digital Marketing

We meet the 360° media planning and purchasing needs of our brands to ensure competitive advantage and make digital marketing activities more effective with the right strategies.

06 Servıces
Web & Social Media Monitoring, Reporting and Analysis BoomSonar

We help you determine or update your brand's strategies with our digital strategy consulting service offered directly by our senior managers.

07 Servıces
Online Research

As part of our Online Research and Analysis service, we conduct 14 different research types that cover the web and social networks such as X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and make sense of the results for our brands.

08 Products
Digital Strategy Consultancy

We offer social media monitoring, account management, online reputation management and push notification services with our real-time web and social media monitoring, reporting and analysis tool BoomSonar.

09 Products
Social Media Analytics BoomSocial

We follow tens of thousands of brand pages on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram and YouTube, and measure their performance in real-time with BoomSocial, our self-developed Social Media Analytics Platform.


We do our job with love and excitement! Click here to see some of the award-winning creative work that we have done for our digital partners, the clients.